“I feel like I am in the best care with Dr. Lin. I have many types of specialty doctors regarding my health problems and I want the best care that I can get. I think she is a very caring doctor.”

G.W. 6/04/18

“Dr. Lin is an amazing doctor. She fixed my very difficult eye problem. She is a joy to have as an eye Dr.  I actually look forward to my visits and I am not one that feels comfortable at doctor’s offices.  I would recommend her to everyone that has problems with their retina.”
K.W. 04/16/18 

“Excellent experience!  Dr. Lin provides very personalized medical care.  I was an emergency patient, in that I needed immediate care and surgery.  Dr. Kristie Lin provided that within hours on a holiday weekend and then provided extensive and excellent follow-up care.  Dr. Kristie Lin is a very caring person, extremely knowledgeable, and tries to get to know the overall health of her patient so that she is able to provide the best quality of care possible.”  (W.R.) 4/9/18