Ocular Tumors

Ocular Tumors Defined

Eyes can be the location of both primary and secondary (or metastatic) tumors.

The most common primary cancer is choroidal malignant melanoma. Cancers that commonly metastasize to the eye include breast cancer and lung cancer.

What are the symptoms of an ocular tumor?
Symptoms of eye cancer include blurry vision, distorted vision, blind spots, decreased side vision, white pupils, strabismus, red eye, eye pain and complete vision loss. Sometimes ocular tumors present no symptoms at all.

What are the treatments for ocular tumors?
Treatment for metastases to the eye usually involves radiation therapy, although systemic chemotherapy and laser surgery are used in some cases.

Treatment options for patients with a choroidal melanoma include either radiation therapy or removal of the eye. Though there are several forms of eye and vision-sparing radiation therapy, ophthalmic plaque radiation therapy is the most common.