Dislocated IOL

IOL is short for intraocular lens. An IOL is a lens implanted in the eye as a treatment for cataracts. On occasion the lens can become dislocated.

What are symptoms of a dislocated IOL?
A dislocated IOL may cause vision to be blurry, double or even reduced to the point of legal blindness.

What are the causes of a dislocated IOL?
A dislocated IOL may occur as the result of trauma at the time of surgery, previous trauma to the eye that damaged the natural lens or because of a systemic disease.

What are the treatments for a dislocated IOL?
Dislocated IOL is treated by moving the lens into the correct position, replaceing the lens or sewing a lens in place. In most cases the gel in the back of the eye, or vitreous, must be removed in part through the surgical process called “vitrectomy”. Once the lens is free of the vitreous gel it can be moved more safely and repositioned or replaced. In some cases a new lens can also be sewn into the back of the eye.